The Most Powerful EZPrompt Yet!

Runs on Windows® 8, Windows® 7 and Windows® XP

Check Out These New Features In Version 6.0…

  • Improved support for Unicode and complex character sets (e.g. Japanese, and many others).
  • Dual Screen / Multi-Monitor Support (Standard Feature)dual_screens
    For details, check out the Dual Displays page!
  • EZPrompt Direct
  • Launch EZPrompt and automatically prompt from the Command Line or Windows Scheduler. (Standard Feature)
  • User Adjustable Talent Pointer (Standard Feature)
  • User Adjustable Stopwatch Timer (Standard Feature)
  • User Adjustable Mini-Preview Window for Operator (Standard Feature)
  • For details, check out the Operator Mini-Window page!
  • Single-Click Text Colorization (Standard Feature)
  • Programmable Speed Keys (Standard Feature)
  • Smoother Scroll (Standard Feature)
  • New ALL CAPS Font (Standard Feature)
  • PowerPoint Interface (Optional Feature)powerpoint
    For details, check out the PowerPoint Optional Interface page!
  • Closed Captioning Interface (Optional Feature)
    For details, check out the Captioning Optional Interface page!
  • Rundowns & Multiple Scripts (Optional Feature)
    For details, check out the EZRundown Optional Interface page!

Other Standard Features in EZPrompt Version 6.0…

  • Line-spacing (single, one-and-a-half, double) in prompter scroll.
  • Right-to-Left Prompting in languages that are right-to-left (Arabic, Japanese, etc.)
  • Wide Character/Multi-Byte Support make it possible to prompt scripts written in Microsoft Word in languages using ‘wide characters’ (Russian, Arabic, etc.). Click this link for more information on languages supported, and instructions on how to test it for yourself.
  • Full Color Control. You set the colors for the background, prompter text, etc.
  • Left-justify or center-justify the prompter scroll.
  • Stylize prompter scroll with bold, underline, and italics.


EZPrompt Ver. 6.0 The fastest-selling, Windows-based prompting system on the market.

EZ to install … EZ to use, and powerful enough for just about any prompting assignment.

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EZPrompt Foot Pedal Prompter Controller
 Finally … A Foot Pedal good enough for EZPrompt.

Our new Foot Pedal Prompter Controller is a pure hardware device … no special software, drivers, or ‘game-port’ configurations required.





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