Q. Is EZPrompt 6.0 compatible with Windows 8?

A. Yes, EZPrompt 6.0 (version 6.0.2 and later) has been tested with Windows 8, Windows 7, as well as earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Q. What are the hardware requirements?

A. There aren’t any special hardware requirements over and above those needed to support the Windows Operating System.

For best performance, it is recommended, but not required, that the computer you will use EZPrompt Version 6.0 on have the following minimum resources:

  • 1 GHz 32-bit processor.
  • 1GB or more RAM.
  • Accelerator video card with 32mb or more memory (recommend DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM).
  • Wheel mouse (Microsoft ®IntelliMouse or ®Logitech First Mouse Plus).

Q. Does EZPrompt work with (Arabic / Chinese / Japanese / Russian)?

A. Yes, but we always advise people to download the demo version of the software and test it for themselves so they can be confident they are making the correct purchasing decision. Click this link for instructions to setup and test for yourself.

Q. Can I run EZPrompt on more than one machine?

A. Yes, but there is a catch. You must purchase a license for each machine you intend to use the software on. Additional licenses can be purchased by contacting EZPrompt Sales by email or call toll-free 888-326-1415

Q. Do you offer discounts for additional licenses?

A. Yes. Discount pricing and site-licensing is available should you wish to purchase additional licenses. ADS uses a sliding scale for licenses, so the more you purchase, the lower the cost per machine.

Q. Can I transfer the License Code from one machine to the other?

A. You’ll find complete instructions in the Help file, included with every installation of EZPrompt as well as the manual that came with your software.

Q. Is the ‘Demo Version’ I download from EZPrompt.com the same as the ‘Full Product’?

A. There is no difference in the software … both the ‘Demo Version’ and the ‘Full Product’ are functionally identical. The only difference is that the ‘Full Product’ comes with disk set (floppy or CD) and manual.

Q. What options are available for EZPrompt?

A. EZPrompt offers three very powerful production options:

  1. EZPrompt – Rundown Module can load multiple scripts in a single ‘session’ or ‘show’. This permits you to back-time the ‘session’ or ‘show’, and include ‘Breaks”. It is ideal for producing longer-form programs, or for commercial shoots where a number of different scripts must be loaded in the prompter.
  2. EZPrompt — Closed Caption Module can do Closed-Captioning in standard three-line, roll-up mode. Captioning requires purchase of a license for the EZCaption module, and a Closed-Caption encoder (check with EZPrompt Sales for the best prices on Link Electronics Closed-Captioning equipment).
  3. EZPrompt – PowerPoint Module can load and synchronize PowerPoint Slide Shows to your script. As the prompter scrolls, the PowerPoint slides change exactly at the point you want them to.